Monday, January 18, 2016

Favorite Teacher Tools - Silly Sticks Wet Chalk Markers

Confession: I never would've survived as a teacher back in the day when writing on a chalkboard with actual chalk was required. I hate the feel of it. I don't like the dust from it. But, I do LOVE the look of it. 

That's one of the reasons wet chalk markers make me so happy. They look amazing, but don't get dusty or smudgy like actual chalk. I especially enjoy these SillySticks because not only can you use them on chalkboards, but also white boards and glass. Since wall space is often limited in a classroom they are great for writing on windows both for decorative and teaching purposes. You can also use them to write on plastic or other nonporous surfaces.  I like using them for writing messages on students desks or tables. They are great for writing the students' names on desks for a substitute teacher. Also, the colors are really bright, bold and fun!

I wanted to share these now because they are running a great deal (for a limited time) where you can get them at 60% off. This is fabulous news because they are normally a bit pricey. Best of all they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren't happy with them...even in they are EMPTY! How crazy, generous is that?

To snag them on sale click on this amazon affiliate link and then enter the following code at checkout: SSFBSP60

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