Friday, July 3, 2015

FREE Patriotic Printables and More {Pledge of Allegiance, Constitution Day, Veterans Day, Patriotic Classroom Theme}

Happy 4th of July Friends!

I hope you all have fun plans and will be out and about celebrating summer at its finest.

I wanted to stop in today with a quick teacher tip and freebie for you and since it's the 4th of July it only made sense to give it a bit of Patriotic Flair. 

I have written a few detailed posts about preparing for a substitute teacher. It is especially important to have a good emergency sub plan in place. However, there will be times when you won't be out of the classroom for an entire day, but you may unexpectedly be called out for a short period of time. It's a good idea to have a few activities that can stand alone and easily be executed by anyone who happens to be filling in for you. I recommend a read aloud and a simple follow up activity.

I have a FREE product that can be used for that purpose.

It includes 2 versions of a mini-poster of The Pledge of Allegiance, a list of essential questions about the Pledge and intermediate and primary journaling pages.  Below is a list of suggested books to pair with it. Click on any of the images to read reviews and descriptions on Amazon.

I have two additional PATRIOTIC FREEBIES available as instant downloads:

And you may also be interested in these Patriotic Products:

Did you know that on September 17th ALL teachers in schools that receive government funding are required to teach about the Constitution? 

Here's the thing...I don't typically get into the debates over politics and about how the people making these laws and policies aren't teachers, but this certainly falls into that category. Do I think the Constitution is important? Of course. Should children learn about it? Sure. Do I see why they picked September 17th as the day that we must teach a random lesson? Yes (It's the day the Constitution was signed).

While I do understand the thought behind it, as teachers we know that it is not considered best practice to randomly teach an isolated lesson about a topic that requires a great deal of background (much less attempt such a task only a couple of weeks into the school year). In the past I scrambled to find something to fulfill my obligation as Constitution Day ALWAYS snuck up on me. It seemed the same was true for many of my public school teacher friends so I knew it was time to plan ahead and create something useful for a spectrum of grade levels.

The final result was a 50+ page packet for grades K-5 with a choice of different activities included. There is certainly something for all abilities and levels and can be used year after year (even if you change grade levels).

{Click to access and download the Constitution Day Packet}

And if you teach social studies/American history or are looking to decorate your classroom with a Patriotic Theme...

  • solid color fabric, paper or plastic table cloths in red, white or blue (Target has some really bold, bright wrapping paper in solid colors that would look good too).
  • decorative fabric with stars, stripes or a combo of both
  • you could also incorporate camo print and the military

  • Target often has president flash cards in the dollar section. These would make a cute border on bulletin boards.
  • patriotic ribbons
  • die cut stars
  • photocopied money
  • Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of __ Grade
  • American flag
  • Models of national monuments
  • 5 pointed stars
  • Bald eagle cutout
  • Statue of Liberty cutout
  • Class Newsletter = State of the Union
  • Class Rules = Constitution
  • Use branches of government as names for jobs
  • Take a picture of each student wearing one of those red,white and blue hats you can buy at party stores. Display them on a board titled, "Star Spangled Students."
  • Add the Presidential Seal to the front of your desk
  • Refer to your meeting area as "The Oval Office"
  • Call your reading area the "Library of Congress"
  • Hang a map and have the kids "Read Across America" by counting miles per book.
  • Check out the 4th of July clearance section.
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