Saturday, May 24, 2014

Camping Themed Classrooms {decor ideas, printables, tips, photos, and more}

{Click to Access and Download: Camping Themed Classroom Mega-Bundle}

Also be sure to check out my other original CAMPING themed classroom decor packets in my teacher store as well as the Clutter-Free Classroom's Guide to Classroom Decor. Click the image to see more details.

{Click to Access and Download the Clutter-Free Classroom Guide to Classroom Decor}

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  1. You must have been reading my mind when you made this set. I can't wait to add it to my cart. Thanks! I think it's funny that I blogged about how I used one of your other products to make a super cute but cost effective classroom. Guess I'll be doing that again in the fall!!!!! Take care, Amy (


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