Sunday, June 30, 2013

A FREE ITEM EVERY DAY All Summer Long {Classroom Organization and Management} 2.0

I can't believe it has been a complete year since I kicked off the original Summer of Freebies! You can check out all of the tips, ideas, photos and products from the Summer of 2012 by viewing this post here. I had such a blast doing it and am even more excited than ever for The Summer of Daily Tips and Flash Freebies version 2.0! 

This summer I'll be posting daily with even more ideas to get you and your classroom organized and ready for the upcoming school year. The info below is will give you all the details and tell you how you can join in the fun!

I am so excited about summer! I love it for many, many reasons. Right up at the top of the list is helping teachers get ready for a new school year both in the real world and here on my little ole blog.

I have a HUGE collection of tips for organizing and managing your classroom and am so excited to be sharing oodles of them with you this summer. While some have been featured in my best-selling Clutter-Free Guide to Organizing and Managing Your Classroom, most will be brand new and exclusive to the site this summer.

I will also be posting a DAILY TIP & FLASH FREEBIE each and every weekday throughout the ENTIRE SUMMER.
In addition to a classroom organization and management "tip of the day," I will be creating and giving away a free printable each weekday during the months of July and August.


They'll be gone in a FLASH!

Each freebie will be only be free for a short time so be sure to snag them when they debut. In the past the product has typically been available for 3-4 hours on average. I vary the times and try to keep in mind both the East and West Coast time zones. There are several items this summer that will remain as Freebies for the entire summer.

After each debuts as a FREEBIE for a limited time, they will be added to my product inventory in my Teacher Store and can be purchased from there at any time. One it goes into inventory it will remain a paid product. Last summer I received a lot of emails and FB messages asking if I could make it free again. Out of fairness and respect to individuals who have purchased a product, I don't feel it is right to lower the price or make free an item that some people have paid for. 

Please note that I do not manually send out the email notifications. I post the blog entry and the emails are autogenerated by Blogger afterwards. There may be times when you receive the email after the freebie has "flashed." Therefore it is recommended that you check the blog throughout the day and/or follow CFClassroom on facebook as I always update my status on there to announce a freebie as soon as it goes live.

By doing each of the above, you'll be notified when the FREEBIES are released so you can snag them right away. Please note that Facebook and following the blog in real time are the most effective ways to get current updates when posts go live.

Before you ask....I still plan on posting on the weekends as well, but have left those days open on my blog-planning calendar so I have some wiggle room to post about whatever my little heart desires on those days. Happy summer friends!

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