Monday, May 27, 2013

Clutter-Free Classroom World Headquarters {A Garage Makeover} Post 1

I feel like I've been Missing in Action lately. I've been knee-deep juggling the following (all of which I'll elaborate on in the coming weeks)...

  • preparing for Open House at School
  • finishing up some major Common Core Math projects (so excited about these)
  • getting my ducks in a row for another awesome summer of helping teachers get organized and prepare for the upcoming school year


  • getting the ball rolling on creating the Official . . .

At least that is what my hubby has dubbed the latest home improvement project. I'm actually super excited about it and looking forward to sharing the process with you all as it comes together.

Our house was built in the 60s. It is a Cape Cod-style house with a garage underneath. The garage was designed for a 1960s car.

Translation: Not enough clearance for SUVs. 

Which means we had no use for it as a garage.

But, it's a decent-sized space with some natural light. It's cool in the summer and heated in the winter. We used it mainly as storage. 

Until now.

We're transforming the space into an area dedicated to all of the different aspects of my little hobby turned business. We're creating an "office area" for blogging, bookkeeping, filing, etc. There will be a "studio space" for all of the crafty-type projects that go with being a teacher...or at least a teacher obsessed with cricuting, spraypainting, modge-podging, etc all things classroom-related. 

The part I'm most giddy about though is "The Learning Lab!" One of my dreams has been to develop an After-School / Summer Enrichment program that will provide an opportunity for kids to explore math and science topics and creative projects that we struggle to fit in during the normal school hours. Therefore the biggest section of the space will be designed with that in mind...a mini-classroom right in my own home. My elementary-aged self would be so jealous since I spent the better part of childhood "playing school" in my playroom and shed.

We've been busy designing the space and picking out all kinds of things to go into it. Yesterday we spent FOUR HOURS wandering Ikea and decided on the following items from there:

I know. It's A LOT of white, right?

While there is a small window in the back and a strip of small windows in the front that let in natural light, it is still a fairly dark space overall. The white furniture and shelving seemed like a perfect choice to brighten the space and allow for the addition of lots of color in other ways.

Like paint.

Below are the colors we picked out.

They are bold. And colorful. And fun. 

And since they have become Clutter-Free Classroom's "signature colors" they seemed to be the perfect choice.

I'll also be adding in lots of color through bulletin boards and framed, kid-made projects and artwork.

Did I mention that I am so excited about this!!! Hubby will be home the next few days priming and painting the space and we plan to order and assemble all of the furniture and shelving next week.

In the meantime I'll be back to getting ready for open house, putting the finishing touches on the Common Core materials, projecting, photographing, and getting ready to kick off another summer of daily blogging on June 1st! (I'm hoping to be around online between now and then, but time will tell).

Happy Memorial Day to all and a special thanks to the men and women who have served our country.

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