Monday, May 6, 2013

Be a Successful Teacher in the Fall by Planning Ahead Now

Summer is the perfect opportunity to lay the groundwork for being an amazingly organized teacher with outstanding classroom management and great parent communication throughout the upcoming school year. With the implementation of Common Core and a new teacher evaluation process in most states, it is more important than ever to be organized and on top of things. 

Because the Teacher Appreciation Sale is the only big site-wide 28% off promotion between now and the end of the summer, I have created a mini-catalog to showcase some of my products that would be great to have now so you can use them over the summer to prepare for your best school year ever. 


Tools for Being an Organized Teacher

The Clutter-Free Guide to Organizing and Managing Your Classroom continues to be my best selling product and an all-time top-selling product on TPT. It includes 60+ pages of tips and photos

The Ultimate Teacher Organizer
is another one of my top sellers and is full of adorable printables to help you keep everything you

Prepare for Communicating With Parents

Plan Ahead for Effective Classroom Management 

Plan Your Behavior Management

Create a Welcoming Classroom

(the Black and White Classroom Decor Packet shown above was designed to save you money on ink and looks outstanding printed onto colored cardstock...use it with any color scheme for a quick and easy way to create a beautiful, cohesive look)

also be sure to check out all of my classroom theme packets on my product page

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  1. Thank you so much for categorizing your products and especially including those items that would help us teachers prepare for a great year next year!

  2. HELP!
    My favorite teacher and mentor is retiring after 40+ years of teaching. While she is the person I hope to be when I "grow up", I in no way have her knack for making everything look easy. She has generously "willed" her entire classroom to me. Everything is in MINT CONDITION and looks as though it has NEVER been used even though it has. My problem, I have NO IDEA what to do with my belongings (20 years worth) as well as hers. I have read every clutter challenge (some more than once), purchased your binder from Tpt, and sat in the middle of my classroom crying over the disaster. I MUST be packed up by Friday and am not permitted back into my room until 3 days BEFORE school begins!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee help me get this under control!!!!!

    1. Hi Ann! I have inherited entire classrooms filled with stuff TWICE! In my situations it was a bit easier because a lot of the materials were old and worn and ready to retire with the teachers that had left them behind. It sounds like you have received some nice stuff which will make it a bit more challenging. A one week deadline is both a blessing and a curse. I say blessing because you would otherwise spend your entire summer in that room. Shoot me an email at LittlestLearners @ gmail dot com and we can set up a time to chat on the phone if you want. Do you have any pictures of the space you'll be in? In the meantime I'll post a question on Facebook to see if I can get some other ideas for you. :) Jodi

  3. Dear Jodi,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have printed your suggestions, taken a DEEP breath, and started to attack my room with ruthless brutality. I am open to any advice, shout-outs, and well wishes you and your fellow bloggers can send my way. However, should you not hear from me in a few days, I may be buried under an enormous pile of materials. Just to clear up a misunderstanding-my mentor did not leave her room as is. She has packed and labeled each item. I am just overwhelmed by the large amount of it all. Can't wait to see what's next!!!!!


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