Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What If You Had Animal Teeth: A Book Recommendation

One of my little sweeties bought What If You Had Animal Teeth? by Sandra Markle at the school book fair for our classroom. And the kids go NUTS for it. It is currently the most popular book in our class library. It's a really neat book that combines photos, illustrations and facts about animals. I like that you can pick it up and read just a page or the entire book. It's a great option when you have a few random minutes to fill.

The book would also be good for teaching the trait of Organization. The left page features an animal and includes full color photos and facts about the animals teeth. The right page has an illustration of a child with the teeth of that animal and additional facts.

I will be making this book available when we work on our animal research projects. It's currently available from Amazon at a really great price with free Prime shipping.  It's a new book, but since it is from Scholastic you may be able to get it with bonus points (click here to see how to increase your Scholastic orders).

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  1. This book looks adorable! Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard about it before and my third graders learn about animal adaptations.
    3 Teacher Chicks

  2. What's your take on it? We're thinking about getting it for our classroom.

  3. My first graders loved it. It's a nice extension to dental health. Some parts are a bit wordy so you might read half of the book at a time. I paraphrased lengthy sections or omitted bits here or there. After reading, they chose the teeth that they would like to try out and explained why.

  4. My first graders loved it! I left out some of the details in the text to allow for more discussion while reading. You might also consider reading half at a time. After reading, they talked with a buddy about the teeth they would like to try out. Then, I dismissed them to their seats to get started on writing. I think that was the fastest I've ever seen them get started. This was a great motivator for even my most reluctant writers.


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