Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY Storage Boxes {Coffee and a Clever Idea}

It's classroom storage week for the 2013 Clutter-Free Classroom Project.

I always encourage teachers to use attractive storage containers that match in both size and appearance. I'm also a big fan of storage options that are open on top and easy to slide in and out (i.e. not stacked on top of each other from floor to ceiling). For those reasons I love the look of this.
Once upon a time I covered a bunch of copy paper boxes with contact paper to create storage for all of my thematic units and seasonal items. It looked great back in the day. I've since phased it out because I have downsized significantly and because the pattern I choose began to look dated. Other than that I highly recommend it as a very low-cost option for creating storage that matches your classroom theme or color scheme

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  2. Storage boxes like these will easily help teachers fix the classrooms. They just need to put all the toys, coloring materials, and other stuff they use in the classroom to these storage boxes, and it'll be organized in no time. The teachers can even make this as a classroom activity for kids.


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