Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Area & Perimeter Task Cards 3.MD.5 / 3.MD.7 {Task Card Tuesday}

Happy Task Card Tuesday!
{click to access and download this packet}

In my neck of the woods we've been busy mastering multiplication, division and area and perimeter...kind of at the same time. I created some Common Core activities with a farm theme to help supplement our curriculum. I'll spotlight those after we wrap up the unit, but for now I wanted to share the task cards I created to provide extra practice.

The cards require them to calculate the area or perimeter of a space when provided with the dimensions. There are also three cards that provide them with the perimeter of a space and they are asked to draw a diagram that would equal that.

The set includes task cards, an answer guide, and student recording sheets. All of my task cards can be easily viewed at my Task Card Pinterest Page.  This set reinforces 3.MD.3 and 3.MD.5.

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