Saturday, January 12, 2013


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  1. I was going to take pictures all week and forgot. Yesterday we had an early dismissal because of weather so I stayed and started cleaning and remembered about the pictures so its not quite as messy as it was. How do I do this if I do not have a blog? It is a great idea and has been very motivating to me:)

  2. I added my pictures, can't wait to see the final results! Good luck everyone!

  3. Wow, I took the pictures and am somewhat embarrased by the mess. But I did post them and well they are there to document. It was pretty bad so throughout the week I did a little clean up here and there. I still have more to go but I am really pushing myself to go through this till the last day.
    Thank for these amazing challenges! Cant wait for next week :)

  4. I am afraid to admit I don't know how to upload my clutter pictures!


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