Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PHOTO BOOK BOXES {Coffee and a Clever Idea}

I'm normally a fan of numbering EVERYTHING because it makes things uniform and neat and organized and manageable. It also saves a ton of work by not needing to redo things year after year.

But, these book boxes are just too cute.

And since cardboard boxes will most likely need to be replaced annually anyhow, adding student photos would be a nice personal touch!

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  1. What if you could add a photo sleeve to the front and slip the photos in and out? That way, if the box doesn't get trashed in one year, you could re-use it the next.

  2. Very cute! I wanted those cheap IKEA magazine files but went before school started this year and they were OUT. It was devastating (we're using dollar store buckets instead)!

    I know it is a popular thing to do but I am staunchly anti-numbering. I can see how it saves time and keeps things organized, but I really want my kids to feel like people and not numbers!

  3. I love this idea! I love giving things in the classroom a more personal touch :) Plus the kids could keep their boxes at the end of the year!
    Pure Joy

  4. We get those boxes from IKEA too, my students tend to stuff them WAY too full! Last year near the end of the year, the bottoms of the boxes started breaking. So this year when I put them together, I used a couple dots of elmer's glue inside and a strip of packaging tape on the outside. Crossing my fingers that they hold up!!!! Love the pictures. I hate having to go back and forth along the book boxes trying to find one student's box.

  5. So cute! The kids would love it too I think. And the photo sleeve idea above would probably work out nice


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