Monday, November 19, 2012

LOWERCASE B & D REVERSALS VISUAL {Coffee and a Clever Idea}

I'm sure today's clever idea is not something that is new to you. But, what I loved about this graphic was the little cartoon person sleeping on the bottom picture. We've all taught kids the b and d bed trick. I even see my third graders pulling out the old thumbs once in a while. However, it wasn't until I taught it to my own 2nd grader (aka The King of Letter Reversals) that I realized it might not be a clear concept.

I showed him the trick. I modeled it. I even saw him doing it. And then weeks later he randomly said, "I get that bed starts with b and ends with d, but I don't see how this is a bed." I think the visual above would be a nice resource to add to a primary classroom.

P.S. The blog that this image came from is run by a mom, but has some great craft ideas that could be used in the classroom. Good Stuff! Check her out.

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  1. My five year told me he wasn't helped by any of the cute b and d reversal posters I found online and printed out for him to use. So, I told him to create his own way to remember it. This is what he came up with (he hasn't had a single reversal since): He pictures a capital B, which he has never had problems remembering, and mentally erases the top hump. And since he can now visualize the lowercase b, he knows the other way must be the lowercase d. Hey, whatever works.

  2. I love that trick. I'll have to try it with a few of my students who have reversal problems especially with b and d, p and q.


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