Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WHITE BOARD FOCUS WALL{Coffee & a Clever Idea}

Sadly this was one of those Pinterest "dead links" which breaks my heart because there is so much more I want to see. I love those "rules" above the board and am wondering if there are more around the room. However, the main reason I am sharing this idea is because I think it is purposeful and well-organized.

I have long been a fan of using electrical tape to section off a white board. It creates a clean, crisp line and peels off. Here are my tips for putting it up. Use a ruler (and admittedly I'm a bit OCD and usually also use a level) to draw a line on the white board in dry erase marker. Next just roll the tape onto the board using the line as your guide.

Next up, I really like the vinyl letters (stickers?) because it is uniform. The all black is really nice because the focus will be on the content of the board. Plus, it will be super easy to change out skills and info and easy means it is more likely to be used.
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  1. Although it was a dead link, a quick search for the photo led me to the original site (yeah!!) Hope that helps

  2. "Work hard. Be nice." Comes from the KIPP school model, so if this is a picture from a KIPP school, those are the only two rules!

  3. Anonymous beat me to it. I often drag and drop mispinned items into google and track them back to their original place. I wish people would pin more responsibly.

  4. Rafe Esquith, my favorite teacher, also has those two rules.

    1. I love Rafe Esquith and his books have been very inspirational. Those two rules are perfect - covers everything!

  5. I like this idea very much especially those quotes work hard be nice. Using whiteboard in this way is very much creative idea. They can also apply affordable whiteboard paint on their walls and convert the whole wall into a whiteboard.

  6. I love the focus wall idea - that way you can always refer to it when talking about the different subjects! perfect!

    The Classroom Game Nook

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