Thursday, October 4, 2012

NO NAME PAPER HOLDER {Coffee & a Clever Idea}

I really like this cute little craft to help manage the nameless papers that need claiming. In order to decrease the collection, I have found the following tip to be helpful with whole class assignments. 

Soon after they get settled with the paper I say, "point to you name and clap twice." This signals to the others to add the name if it was forgotten. It also tends to redirect the class as a whole. If there was chit chat buzzing in the room from the transition to the activity, the clapping seems to get them all right on task.

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  1. I love this sign! Now, if I can just figure out which of my crafty friends could make it for me! Ha!

    We sing a song to remind everyone to put their names on their paper too -Sung to the tune, of "If You're Happy and You Know It"

    Put your name on your paper, on your paper.
    Put your name on your paper, on your paper.
    Put your name on your paper, Put your name on your paper, Put your name on your paper, on your paper.

    Very simple, yet effective - it does the same for my kids - puts them make on track and reminds them what to do! They love it and often sing it with me or start it on their own!
    Thanks for sharing - always love your blog!

  2. I like the song idea! Also I like to say Draw a little bitty smiley face next to your name. Or a rocket ship. Or a leaf. Or whatever we're studying or whatever season it is. If they forgot to write their name, they have no time to draw the little bitty picture, and that is just not fun.

  3. I have my students rehearse a simple rhyme as a class as they're getting settled: "the first thing I do is always the same. I pick up my pencil and write my name". It's great because they pick it up so quickly since it rhymes. I found it somewhere on pinterest!


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