Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY MAILBOXES or STORAGE{Coffee & a Clever Idea}


When I first saw this I thought, "Oh cute idea."

That thought was immediately followed by, "But, who has the time to make a class set of mailboxes?"

And that thought was immediately followed by, "GREAT SCOTT! I HAVE A GENIUS IDEA!!!"

Because while I fancy myself a bit of an classroom organizational guru, 12x18 construction paper is my kryptonite. I hate how it just doesn't fit neatly anywhere. That's when I realized I could get some boxes that are just the right size, duct tape the open edges so they look all pretty and then tape them together, cover them in a super stylish paper or fabric and my problem will be solved.

Now to just find the time to do that.
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  1. Oh I love these! I have seen them all over Pinterest and different blogs and LOVE THEM! I plan to make them when I am finally blessed enough to have my own classroom..having a Elementary Education and Early Childhood degree for 2 years and not being able to use it stinks. However, I should probably make them to store some things I have collected over the years for my "Future Classroom" that is taking over my office... Oh, and I bet they would make a GREAT mail organizer for my command center at home!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. This idea will work out great for my creative art center. Paper problem solved. Thanks for the clever idea.