Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY CHAIR POCKET TUTORIAL {Coffee & a Clever Idea}

I hesitated to pick this as today's Clever Idea simply because I lack all sewing talents (as evidenced by the fact that I made my classroom curtains with a glue gun and a stapler), but I decided that this needed to be shared for a few reasons:
  • I'm all anti-desk / pro-table and as such I feel it is my civic duty to pass along any tips that will help my cult table followers stay organized in their classrooms...and this is a good one.
  • I think this is one of the very best tutorials on how to make these that I have ever seen.
  • It's way cheaper than buying chair pockets.
  • I once had my mother make me a set of chair pockets...and although I'm not a sewer, I'm assuming many other non-sewers have connections too.
Don't you just love the dual pockets, the fabric choice and the poms at the bottom? Do you use tables or desks?

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  1. Tables for the past 15 years! I just bought jumbo book covers at Target. I stenciled each child's number on the pocket, they were a dollar each. I could not find cloth that cheap..

  2. Thank you for sharing this! We don't have tables (I wish we did) but we have desks that we call "college kid desks" and the shelf under their desk is so small that with all their folders things get ruined and messy quick.
    Third Grade Tidbits

  3. I teach fourth grade in Iowa, and I use tables as well. I will never go back to desks again.

    I used bath towels to make my chair pouches. I can make two pouches from one bath towel. That is only about $3-4 per chair.

    Simply divide the towel into thirds. Don't bother measuring, just fold and cut. Take the center piece and cut it in half. Sew the cut edge of the center towel to the bottom of each remaining outside piece. Fold the towel so that the raw side is facing in. Fold the other half over the top and stitch down both sides (leaving the already hemmed side at the top. After stitching both sides, turn it inside out and place over the chair. You are done. No measuring or pinning needed.

    You may want to wash the towels first and use an anti-fray gel on the edges.


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