Thursday, October 11, 2012


Organization Tip 101 is to use clear storage containers so you can see what is inside.

My inner self battles about this. I see the logic. I also hate to see the clutter through the box.

But I do love me some plastic drawers (especially the kind that slide out all the way). I use them for organizing my math workshop games and manipulatives. I use them for my emergency sub plans. I use them all. over. my. house!

So I love the idea of making them all kinds of cute and colorful with some scrapbook paper. 

If you do decide to cover your clear storage containers then please, please, pretty please get your label on. It will make your life much easier. 
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  2. How do you put the covers/papers/etc on the drawers so that they look so pretty and such...I'm trying to do the same with my labels but can't achieve that full (side to side) glossy and professional look. Help please. Thanks


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