Sunday, October 21, 2012


This week found us putting the finishing touches on our "Bat Research" writing projects. I am beyond impressed with the quality of their writing and downright giddy for what that means for us in regards to writing projects throughout this year. I was going to transition right into the Pumpkin Research writing projects, BUT...

I have big plans for some really fun pumpkin measurement and data activities (to reinforce the skills we learned through our Halloween Data centers in Math Workshop) lined up for next week. I thought it would be better to wait until then to do the pumpkin writing for an all out integrated teaching opportunity.

So instead I introduced the electoral process by having them work on a piece titled, "If I Were the President." I decided to use it as a persuasive writing piece. They brainstormed a collection of ideas about why people should vote for them and then selected 1-3 to develop into paragraphs (depending on their ability). The packet is open-ended so you could have your students write about what it would be like to be the President, what they would do if elected, etc.
If I Were the President Writing Activities Differentiated for grades K-5,  Craft Bulletin Board Common Core Aligned Election Electoral Process Presidential Election
{click to access and download: If I Were the President-A Writing Packet Differentiated for grades K-5}

With the election being so early in the month of November the timing was great. We'll wrap up the project early this week and use their writing and a related craftivity to create an Election Bulletin Board. I'll then make a copy of their writing for a class book. 

(The packet includes a sign for an easy bulletin board as well as covers for class and individual well as 34 other printables that are common core aligned and differentiated for grades K-5).

I'm planning to use an activity from my Biographies: Activities to Use When Studying ANYONE packet to enhance our research on the candidates. We'll use some resources I downloaded from reading a to z as well as online research to gather our facts.

When planning a few weeks ago I wish-listed all of the books below. I just went back and ordered 6 of them, but wanted to share the entire collection in case you were looking for some titles to share with your class. 

Each image below is a link that will let you read descriptions and reviews of each book. 
You can also order them directly from Amazon by clicking on the pictures.


Below are a few of the craft ideas I've collected from around the web as ideas to add to a bulletin board that will showcase my students' "If I Were the President" writing projects. Check out my Elections/President Board on Pinterest for more ideas. While your there, be sure to follow all my boards. They are all related to classroom organization/management or teaching ideas.

I thought the first two images would look great as a border/trim on a bulletin board that displays the student writing in place of a manufactured trim.

Y'all know I love all things handprint when it comes to kid craftivities, so this cute eagle immediately stole my heart. However, at the risk of looking like a fool, I will admit that I questioned why the eagle had 3 legs. My father explained they were the tail feathers...and then requested a refund on the college tuition he paid for me because it clearly didn't pay off.

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