Friday, September 7, 2012

Secret Service: Encouraging Random Acts of Kindness {Coffee and a Clever Idea}

This idea was shared by The Fickle Pickle. If you teach at a religious school it may be right up your alley, however, if you teach at a public school you'll probably want to tweak the idea and wording a bit.  One of my coworkers does something similar by assigning a "secret friend" during the month of December. They have to find ways to do nice things for that person without being caught. I love that idea. Since I'm such a sucker for a theme and fun props, I love this version as well. I think it would tie in well with community service, anti-bullying, classroom community building and so much more.

The children were each given a personalize manilla folder with the mission to find ways to "serve others," a list of ideas, a recording sheet and some dark glasses inside. I think this would be wonderful to do as nightly homework with the students generating a list of ideas together in class. You could have them write about what they did and create an awesome bulletin board with their writing and photos of them in the dark glasses looking all secretive. Random Acts of Kindness is such a wonderful concept to introduce and to nurture within the classroom.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I found the idea at the end of last year! I asked the kids to keep it a secret and the random acts of kindness were completed at home. They kept a journal and loved sharing each day! It was a huge success! :)

  2. We did this in my classroom this year! Here's where I blogged about it:

  3. I love this idea. I've started it with my class this term. I hung up bunting around the classroom with coloured paper triangles. When a child does a R.A.C.K. (random act of care and kindness) they can get a triangle down and write it up. The plan is before Christmas we will sit down together and read them all. The kids love it - and already, only 4 weeks into term, I am soon going to have to put up another row around the room. The secret friend idea - wonderful. Will do that next term.


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