Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Once upon a time in what feels like a lifetime ago, I was a scrapbooker. I real live scissors and paper scrapbooker. And then ironically when I had actual worthwhile subjects to scrapbook (aka my 3 kids) I didn't have a spare moment to work on it. I also had to give up my "studio" to a playroom. Ultimately, I sort of lost interest and started making digital hardcover albums which I actually love more so my tale has a happy ending.

But, long story short, back in the scrapbooking day I had to organize and manage a lot of stickers.

And found this system to work great.

And since I blogged about organizing rubber stamps for correcting papers yesterday, it made sense to share an idea for organizing stickers in case they are your "hey you did a great job" medium of choice.

It's an easy-peasy clear page protector and a binder. I love that you can easily see them all and can move the pages around to meet your needs. One thing I found super useful was to first slide a piece of card stock into each sleeve. This prevented them from being floppy and made them easier to flip through. 

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  1. Ah....scrapbooking! I loved it as well. Then I changed districts, from large to small. There were so many different hats to wear. Now, that there is a worthy two year old subject to scrapbook about, I still have those numerous hats to wear! Thankfully, I am taking tons of pictures so that one day I can decide how to share them!

  2. Great idea! I am addicted to stickers!

  3. Brilliant! Even in high school, kids love stamps and stickers! I've been having great luck at the Target dollar spot finding stickers, in Spanish no less!


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