Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Managing Pencils Idea {Coffee and a Clever Idea}

This idea comes from 2nd Grade Sandcastle. She constructed this pencil station from toilet paper tubes. I think it's a good system if you use tables instead of desks. I like that it prevents students from arguing over pencils (sharpest, best eraser, etc) and requires them to take ownership of their personal belongings in a controlled way. I love that it eliminates that whirling sharpener noise and "social sharpening." This would work well with Crystal Lite containers hot glued as well as those clear shoe holders that hang on a door. I'm not sure if she does this or not, but I would also write their numbers onto each pencil.

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  1. That is creative. I make my kids keep them in their pencil pouch in their binder. I also give them the cap erasers and all of the pencils are the same. At least to start. There is a sharp and a dull container and they get what they get. I don't think I have room for the poster on my wall. I think it looks nice though.

  2. Interesting idea! Does it create more movement in the classroom? I wonder how this could be modified to be kept at student tables?

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Peacocks & Penguins

    1. I have noticed two things since becoming tge ultimate control freak about pencils and taking over the pencil sharpener. 1. Very few kids are up trading out pencils during the day. When they need one it's easy, they just quietly go trade and sit back down. The only reason I know they are even doing it really is the dull box gets full and tge sharp box empties! 2. Everyone seems to have a pencil. I started them with 3 sharpened pencils. It's great!

    2. I say just have a big cup full of sharpened pencils. then we are really talking no problems! :)

  3. I love the pencil idea! I am using a clear, over the door shoe holder this year, and each student has one 'shoe pocket' to leave their 'extra' supplies in that they don't need to help de-clutter desks! I made it very clear, they couldn't be going to it EVERY time they needed a supply, but it was there incase something ran out/pencil 'disappeared', etc!

  4. I've gone to a dull tub and a sharp tub and students may only sharpen pencils before the tardy bell in the morning. If they need a new one during the day, they trade their dull one in for a sharp one. It has worked pretty well, but I am concerned about the germ sharing issue. Students with colds hold onto those pencils, put them into their mouths, etc, and then later another kid handles that same pencil. I wonder if we'd have less viruses being passed around if they only used their own set of pencils. It sure has been a time saver, though. I might try this idea out instead. Maybe there could be 5 different colors of tubes, and students with a certain color get to sharpen all the pencils in their tube on a certain day of the week, to manage time spent at the pencil sharpener. Half a dozen pencils in their tube should get them through the week, I think. Thanks for the idea!


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