Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get More Free Books {Thrifty Thursday}

Because more bonus points = more free books for your classroom and that = savings for your wallet, I wanted to share another tip for helping to increase sales.

I think a lot of order forms don't come back because they get forgotten. Families may intend to order, but then weeknights happen and it slips their minds.

I had free labels printed from Vistaprint, but you could make your own in word and run them on address labels.

It reminds the families that the order forms are due and asks them to either check off that they will be ordering or that they will not be ordering. This is helpful for a few reasons:

  • It sparks some into action of filling out the form.
  • It allows you to follow up with those who say they are ordering, but didn't send it in on time.
  • It eliminates the extra waiting time of putting your order in because a child says, "My mom is going to order, but forgot." Because usually the child is buying time that the family didn't want.

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