Thursday, September 27, 2012

FREE and Easy Classroom Management {Thrifty Thursday}

Classroom organization and management is kind of my thing. I'm dorky like that. I also totally heart free stuff.

I recently blogged about how much I love reading your responses to my Facebook Question of the Day. {Click here to read about how you can be part of the QOTD}

Like seriously love love reading them. It always amazes me how different our teaching experiences are. But, what I love most of all is that I am always learning new things from you all. It's amazing how much impact a single sentence can have when it points you in the direction of something new.

Last week I asked how y'all use your cell phones as a classroom tool.
Many of you responded with words that were foreign to me: Class Dojo.

I was curious and Googled my way to something awesome. And since it is FREE I wanted to share it as a Thrifty Thursday tip.

Although it could also be a Teacher Timesaver Tuesday tip because it saves tons of time!

Class Dojo is a free online service for managing your students' behaviors. You simply sign up, add your class list and create a list of positive and negative behaviors. Then you can track the data with easy peasy clicks on your computer, smartphone, ipad or interactive white board...or all of the above. 

I am totally ga ga over the fact that I can use it in the classroom, click it in the hallway as needed when we are walking to lunch and my classroom aide can use her phone to track behaviors when she is working with a group outside the classroom. 

I can email data to the parents. And because not all parents have email and not everyone is allowed to communicate about student behavior over email, I love that it works well with my behavior calendar logs. I just have to access the report at the end of the day and can easily transfer the info over.

I can keep records quickly and accurately to back report cards. LOVE!

I experimented with it this week and have been thrilled. My next step is to really fine tune the custom behaviors to paint a very accurate picture for the parents and myself. I also plan to add a category for gym, art and music so our specialists can use it as well.

I blogged about my personal concerns with public behavior plans this summer so I especially like that I can keep this info private by not broadcasting it.

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  1. I love Class Dojo, but I don't have a projector. All I have access to is my computer. I feel like my kinders would want to watch the screen all day long. Would you suggest Class Dojo to a kindergarten teacher without a projector? haha!


    1. All you have to do sarah is award a point to someone who is sitting on the carpet criss cross doing what you asked and all the others will fall in line. Seriously. It is amazing.

  2. I use Dojo and my students love it. We keep it up on a classroom computer. I decided not to use it on the smartboard because we use the SB so much. It's easy for me or my assistant or students to go over and click on their avatar. We use a point system and give rewards - example: for 10 points they get to change their avatar. I love the graphic reports you get. I highly recommend it.

  3. Wow! What a great idea!!! I just went to the site and set up my class! I can't wait to use it tomorrow! :) Thanks!!!!

  4. I use this site and LOVE IT! My kiddos do too. Glad to see someone else is enjoying as much as us!


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