Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MY WORD STUDY WALL {Part 2: BOGGLE} Classroom 360

Classroom 360 is a complete tour of my classroom as designed for the 2012-2013 school year. Each post highlights an aspect of my room with photos, a detailed explanation of it's purpose, and often times videos. Be sure to check out all the other posts.
{The printables needed to create this board can be accessed and downloaded here.}

{Click here to access and download this product.}

I've created a printable packet that includes all of the necessary printables to create and use this in your own classroom.


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They can also be used as homework or with a sub. Click here to access and download this product. Visit the product page and click on product preview to see all of the included pages.

This is another great product that is flexible and includes instant differentiation.
You can use these games over and over again and again with ANY word list.
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  1. I think I will add a Boggle Board too! How much space do I need to hang this? I am trying to decide if, which BB to hang this on. ;) Thanks!

    Debra :)

  2. I LOVE your Boggle board! I was just looking at my masters today wondering how to put up a board that would pop! And here it is! Thanks so much for sharing your incredible talent! :O)

  3. LOVE IT! I made Boggle letters years ago, but they are quite a bit bigger. Your board looks like a manageable size. It's on the to-do list... Thank you!

  4. I am so excited about this idea! This will work well as a Word Work activity with Daily Five. As I enter my second year of teaching I am always looking for great ideas and you have so many. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I am so eager to put up this bulletin board kit this year! I was using traditional Boggle during our Target Time each week. Another perk of your board is that you can ensure there are no bad words as choices! That actually happened to one of my groups last year. Quite the conversation topic! Love your blog, love your ideas, love your products. Keep them coming!

  6. What a fun idea! This will be great for word work. You're so amazing. I love all of your ideas!
    The Hive

  7. I downloaded this for my classroom. So excited about it! Question.. Do you print off multiple copies of each letter so you can create more words or just one copy? Thanks for all your work! Love your blog!


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