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{click here to access and print The Bathroom Sign-Out Sheets}
Yesterday I wrote about my procedure for students using the bathroom and debuted my bathroom card printables. There have also been years in my career when my school required that we keep a bathroom log. 
I am thinking about doing this again next year mainly because I really want my students to be able to tell time and this would provide real world practice.
Anyhow, I wanted to share the method I’ve used when a log has been required for those of you who need to track this data.

{click here to access and print The Bathroom Sign-Out Sheets}
I created a chart with 4 columns. When a student makes the first trip of the day, he consults my handy dandy clock labels to assist him in writing the correct time in the first column. When he returns he records the time in the same column. If he goes a second time, he repeats the process in column two.
And then column three.
And then column four.
If a child is frequently showing up in columns three and four you can address the situation. 
While this may seem over the top to some of you (it did to me at first when my former school required my to keep these records in the event of an “issue” occurring in the bathroom), I grew to see it as useful data.

{click here to access and print The Bathroom Sign-Out Sheets}

I could see if kids were going at the same time each day.
While this could just mean they are “regular” (lol), it often meant that they were using the bathroom as an avoidance. For example, if I see that a student is habitually leaving the room 5 minutes into Word Study then I’ll want to keep extra watch on his behaviors and progress during that time. If a child is struggling in math and the bathroom log shows that she leaves daily during my Math Workshop I may use that information during a referral meeting to show the student is frustrated with the subject. Also, if a child was often showing up in columns 3 and 4 it showed me that he might just need movement breaks. I assign those children errands such as bringing the lunch boxes to the cafeteria or checking my mailbox for papers to go home so the child can get the wiggles out during prescribed times.

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  1. Thank you for the freebie! I teach HS and we have to document who is out of the classroom and when. We also have surveillance cameras to cut down on incidents. My kids don't go 4 times, of course, but I can adapt the form to fit my needs. :) Thanks again, your products are great!

  2. I love your bathroom sign out ideas! I want to be you when I grow up.
    The Idea Backpack

  3. I've used a similar system before. It was really helpful because I had a few students who went all of the time and I wanted to have the data before I talked to a parent about it. One parent said to limit their child's access because the child was abusing the bathroom and never went so often at home, but another parent shared that the kid had a kidney issue that caused frequent urination. I was so glad I was using a system that didn't limit or punish the child when I found out about the condition.

    Grade School Giggles

  4. Thank you so much for the freebie! I will definitely be adapting this for my 8th graders! I need to take some creativity lessons from you!


  5. Thanks for the freebies! I try to have a one time in the morning one time in the afternoon rule, but that doesn't always work. I especially enjoyed your freebie yesterday, I don't know how many times I've accidentally let two boys go to the restroom at the same time!


  6. What great documentation for parents! Thanks, again!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  7. These freebies are amazing! Thank you so much!

  8. Just want to put this out there- my daughter suffers from bladder spasms- and thus needs to have her bladder kept empty to prevent multiple accidents. For her to have to fill this form out every hour or so would be embarrassing for her, not to mention impracticle because most of the time, she has to go imediately to the bathroom with no time to spare. I know she has a special situation, but I thought I would give teachers that point of view.

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