Sunday, July 15, 2012


Around this time of year, Sundays start to mean that the weekly Back to School sales are published in the circulars and online. While my heart is at the beach and my mind is poolside, I have learned that it is beneficial to shop in dribs and drabs when each of the items I need are on sale. 

So since it is Sunday.

And because I love you.

I wanted to make sure you knew about my free Ultimate Back to School Shopping Checklist.
{click to access and print this FREE product}

It's 100% free (always has been and always will be) and includes absolutely everything you may need in a classroom.

{click to access and print this FREE product}
I suggest you download it from my store, print the shopping list template and use them to jot down the items that apply to you and your teaching situation.  Inventory the things you already have and make note of what you will need.
{click to access and print this FREE product}
This will allow you to easily grab what you need when it is dirt cheap. 

Do you love the back to school sales or does it make you dread the end of summer?

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  1. Loving the cuteness of your creations! Thanks for sharing the great freebies. Come checkout my blog & enter to win my sunflower life cycle giveaway while you're there - wishing you the best WINNING luck! :)


  2. Thank you for posting this, I love your products and your creativity!

  3. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas and creations - I've been loving them all summer long!

  4. Since next year means my first teaching job (woohoo!), I'm loving the back to school sales! I'm totally falling into the first year teacher trap of buying things for my class, but I'm loving it, so I guess it's ok :)

  5. Love shopping the sunday sales. Just found great deals today.

    ✣ Miss Nelson✣
    Miss Nelson’s Blog

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for all your cute ideas!!


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