Monday, June 4, 2012

Thoughtful Acts of Kindness

Today was not my birthday.

It was not the day before winter break.

It was not the last day of school.

It was not Teacher Appreciation Week.

It was simply a Monday...and yet I received an unexpected gift.

One of my third grade boys presented me with a box of Crystal Lite.

And it made me feel so very happy.

Because for the past couple weeks I've been drinking Crystal Lite lemonade in class.  Someone asked me if it was my favorite the other day.  I replied, "No. The fruit punch is my favorite, but they never seem to have it at the store."

The fact that this little boy listened, thought of me at the store and cared enough to bring it in is so special to me.

It made my entire day.  I literally smiled every time I thought about it.

And that made me think about how important it is to find ways to make others' days as well.

This time of year is crayzy-busy-hectic for us teacher folk.

Take a moment to do something nice for a teacher friend. It need not be complicated. A simple note left on a desk would be a happy surprise. A can of diet coke with a card saying, "though you could use a little caffeine to get you through the next few days."  A bookmark with a reminder that summer is coming and she will soon have time to relax and read. A jar filled with a favorite candy and a note reading, "in case of emergency, break glass."

I thought these two pins were lovely. The first looks adorable, but would be easy.  The latter is simply a cupcake dropped into a jar and tied with a spoon which makes it look way fancy. I would love to find either of these on my desk unexpectedly.



One of the girls I work with often makes a pitcher of iced coffee for staff breakfasts. I think it's such a great idea. Wouldn't it be nice to bring in a pitcher of iced coffee of sweet tea and leave it in the teacher's room as a pick-me-up to recharge before a long afternoon of end-of-year tasks?
Another easy-peasy nicey-nicey would be to buy a cheap bouquet of grocery store cut flowers and place one flower in a cup of water on each coworkers desk.

Make it extra fun by signing the notes from "a secret friend."

Has anyone ever done anything at school that totally made your day?
Can you think of a small gesture to surprise your teacher pals?

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