Sunday, June 10, 2012

INSPIRED: A New Mini-Series on CFClassroom

On Friday I gave you a sneak peek into my classroom which I am in the process of making over for the 2012-2013 school year.  I joked that my theme for the new year is going to be Pinterest, but in reality I'm only half-joking.

So many of the things that are going into my classroom were inspired by ideas I've seen on Pinterest and on teacher blogs.

I want my classroom to inspire my students.

I want my blog to inspire you.  

So it seemed only fitting that I mash all of those things together and bring you a blog mini-series that I have titled, "INSPIRED!" It's the precursor to my big classroom reveal (well as much as I can do before school gets out) at the end of the month and my 2012 Summer Series of classroom tips and ideas for setting up your rooms for the new year.

For the next week (give a take a day or 2...or 5), I am going to share with you a different photo that was the inspiration for something in my new classroom.

Today I want to share with you the inspiration jackpot. Krissy Venosdale is the queen of inspirational posters and outside-the-box teaching.  I adore her work.  I promise you will too.  Her talent will make your jaw drop.

Bonus, she has a collection of posters that will make your teacher heart smile big available for free....yes, FREE on Flickr.  They are bold. They're message is uplifting. They are gorgeous.  Oh, and did I mention they are free? 

This is my favorite:


I could have written those words myself.  That poster encompasses so much of what I want my classroom to represent.  Double totally matches my new classroom color scheme

I plan to download my favorites and work some Vistaprint magic to get them printed out.

So stay tuned...the following is happening between now and the end of June:

  • The What Are You Reading Linky Party / Contest ends tonight.
  • Tomorrow I will announce the winner.
  • Tomorrow I will also kick off my "Inspired" miniseries.
  • We'll wrap it up with a "What Inspires You" linky party.
  • I'll continue to show you some fabulous classroom themes.
  • I'll be uploading a whole bunch of new classroom theme and color scheme classroom decor packs {including several that I've received special requests for}. 
  • The blog will receive a new look...well, really just a little spruce up.
  • The button links on the tips page will go live.
  • I will reveal my jumpstart on "Classroom 2012"
And just you wait and see what awaits in July and August!!! Oh, my! It is going to be amazing...and of course inspiring!

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