Saturday, June 16, 2012

Designated Chart Spaces {INSPIRED}

I had featured Christie’s classroom as part of my Jungle Themed Classrooms post the other day, but this photo needed it’s own spotlight. 

  • I’m always creating anchor charts with my class, but find that I struggle to find  an empty wall space to display them. This designates a specific space.

  • I love that the charts are sectioned off by borders which eliminates visual noise and distraction.

  • The students will always know where to look to find resources for specific subject areas
  • I think using just one style of border creates a really nice look.

I have vowed to not use any commercially made charts and posters in my room so this is an idea I am really looking forward to implementing.

I’ve been working hard to complete my classroom makeover for the 2012-2013 school year so that I may provide you with a summer full of tips and ideas for setting up your own classrooms. To kick off my second annual summer-long, daily series on setting up, organizing, and managing your classroom I am running a miniseries titled, “INSPIRED” and will feature a photo that brought inspiration to my very own classroom makeover. 
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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, love the idea of the separation and each type of chart in its own place.
    Fourth and Ten
    Like Fourth and Ten on Facebook!
    Formerly Stories From Second

  2. I love this idea and have the same problem with my anchor charts. I'm flipping through anchor charts on my board to get from one subject to another. I will definitely be devoting dedicated space this fall to anchor charts! Thanks for sharing!

    Turtley Loving Teaching

  3. Thanks for all the tips!! I am new to 2nd grade next year (after teaching 1st grade for 6 years) and I am glad to see that a lot of things I have on my wall, you have too.

    I bought your Math Workshop Rotation Board! Are you planning on using it in next year and will it be in your big reveal? This is what it looks like in my own classroom!

    Please check out my new blog:

    Mrs. P.'s Sweet Peas


  4. I started using anchor charts last year and I am totally sold. My classroom was covered with them. i tried to only keep the ones out that were most important, but it was way too many.

    I can't wait to see the end result of all of your work. I LOVE the bright color scheme you chose.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. The big reveal is tomorrow! I'm so excited to see how all of these projects have turned out.

  6. that's funny! My teammie and I have been discussing the same thing with hanging or charts! Great post!

  7. I do the same thing for student work. All school year, I had the back bulletin board divided into four subject areas (science, language arts, social studies, and math. All of the bulletin boards were boardered with a black outer space themed border. I plan to do the same thing next year. Using the same bulletin boarder throughout also eliminated the wasted time of changing the paper and borders for each season or holiday.

  8. Can you talk a little more about your decision not to use commercially made posters/charts? What is driving this decision? I have been thinking the same thing (I teach middle school and have about 125 students so anchor charts specific to my 5 classes are EASY to come by) but I wonder what your thoughts are.

  9. I do a good job using anchor charts for literacy, but want to do much more with anchor charts for math...I cannot wait for your classroom reveal! =)

  10. What an awesome project! I shared it with a bunch of my coworkers. I'm posting a giveaway in the soon, make sure you follow my site so you can enter!


  11. My husband accuses me of trying to download the internet, and with all that searching, your site is the very best one I have ever found! Every morning, I log onto your site and see the new part of the big reveal. Exposing one part a day is helpful to me, as spend the day working on that item for my classroom. So far I have made the silent signals to post above each of the classroom doors, and purchased borders and duct tape. I can't wait for more ideas!


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