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I couldn't help but notice that when I logged in to write this post about my "Thirty One Inspired Classroom Decor", I had just hit 3,100 followers. Ironic.
At this point in the year, I am usually tired of looking at my classroom and crave a change.  In the past I ALWAYS did an elaborate classroom theme.  I started with the ocean/beach.  I then did a camping theme which the kids adored.  Next up I went country with a western theme.  This was followed by my Hollywood theme. Then I kicked it Jersey Shore style with an all out Jungle theme.  I’ve always wanted to do a Sports theme because I think that is ideal for a classroom. 
Last year I went a different route and opted for a “color scheme theme.”
Aqua and lime to be exact.  Are you surprised by that?
Honestly, I’m not tired of it yet.  Not even a little bit.  So I was going to just keep things the same this year.
But, it’s not my style.  I can’t bring myself to not change things up because if I’m being perfectly honest, decorating the classroom is one of my most favorite joys in life. So why deny myself of such a simple pleasure right?
The problem is that my head is spinning with thoughts and ideas and girlfriend here has only four walls to work with.  I must narrow it down to one.
I think I’m going to go the ‘color scheme” route again.  I had blogged before about how much I LOVE the fact that my Thirty One lunch bag and teacher tote match my classroom.  I’m a nerd like that.
So last week I was at my friend Gabrielle’s house.  Y’all remember her right?  She’s the super sweet Thirty One consultant who generously offered all of my readers 15% off their entire purchase of Thirty One products if they mention this blog when they contact here.
Lean in close....the deal is still good.  Yup! She said she still honors it for anyone who orders through her and mentions the Clutter-Free Classroom.  Awesome deal! Awesome gal to work with. Awesome products! Check out her site {} or Email her {gmontevecchi @ yahoo dot com}! :)
Anyhow, I had been toying with doing a grey and yellow classroom. I have a lot of black and white damask things in my room and a grey yellow color scheme would go really well.  Plus, I figured all of my students work would really “POP” against those colors as a backdrop.  With this in mind, I instantly fell in love with the new flowered pattern 31 had out.  I was pretty much sold on the idea and went to work designing myself a whole bunch of goodies for my classroom to match.
Then I flipped through the Thirty One catalog to decide which items to purchase and fell in love with a couple other patterns which made me question if I wanted to use those colors in my room instead.
{photo source}

So I designed some classroom decor items to go with those hoping I could better decide if I saw them next to each other.  It simply made my choices harder.  I’m still on the fence.  I have open house next week so I’m busy getting my classroom all “campy” for that which buys me a bit of time.  However, as soon as that is over I plan to get to work transforming my room to it’s new look.  I just don’t know what look that will be. 
Each bundle includes: name plates, basket labels, multipurpose labels, job cards (w/ and w/out clipart images), schedule cards, a word wall set, welcome banner/sign, matching plan book/grade book cover, customizable banner, and decorative pennant banner.
My Down to Earth Bundle includes earthy tones, relaxing colors and cool patterns.
{click here to purchase Down to Earth Bundle}

My Clouds and Sun Bundle was named as such because of the grey and yellow color combo.
{click to purchase Sun and Clouds Bundle}

My Bright and Cheerful Bundle is just plain fun. Vibrant colors and fabulous patterns.
{click to purchase Bright & Cheerful Bundle}

What I do know is that I will absolutely be ordering an organizing utility tote.  I already use my bag as a “traveling office,” but check this out...
{photo source}
Eeeeek! It’s a hanging file crate INSIDE a utility tote.  Holy Cow! I couldn’t love it more. Look at those outside pockets...stickers, calculator, all the colored Sharpies I adore. I think I need one for the house to since my office was turned into a playroom.
Cast your vote...which color scheme should I pick?

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  1. I always a fan of down to earth colors. Easy on the eyes, mellows the kids out -- not too overwhelming. Good Luck deciding!!

  2. Ahh! Tough decision! I like the bright and cheerful! I love color!

  3. Love!! I would have to get the clouds and sun bundle since that matches my 31 lunch tote!


  4. Those are awesome!!!! Uga bugga boo....I wish I had seen these earlier....I just some stuff I ordered in the mail but super love your stuff too!!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. For some reason, it won't let me go to her thirty-one site -- it just displays a consultant login! :(

  6. I LOVE the clouds and sun! I love, love, love yellow and gray together!
    Stories From Second

  7. Oh man! These are all amazing! I had just decided to do black and white polkadots with pops of color, but the grey and yellow... OMG! I am in love!

  8. Go with your first instinct, Clouds and Sun, right?! It's great and different!

    Jenny B
    Funtastic Fun in First Grade

  9. Love the Bag! I want one myself but there is no 31 gifts in Canada. Like the grey and yellow!

    1. you can order one from any consultant and they will ship it to you!

      fourth grade fanatics

    2. Hi there Miss Parker:)
      Good News ~ Thirty One Gifts Canada Inc is now in Canada !! I will be a consultant by the end of October !! I would be happy to send you a Canadian catalog :)
      In the meantime
      Julie Raby

  10. I'm doing a gray and yellow theme next year. I found the cutest fabric at Hobby Lobby for curtains. I have six windows. I'll definitely check out your solids and sunshine theme!

  11. I like the Down to Earth and Bright and Cheerful.. it is a tough decision. I would be changing them out every month...too cute.

  12. I love your themes, however; I am not in the classroom so don't need all materials. Do you ever sell your bundles separately? Also, do you create binder covers to go inside the clear sheet on the binders and down the spine.
    I tried to find an email to email you personally, but couldn't.

  13. Definitely down to earth bundle! I like those colors the best! :)

  14. I love the Clouds and Sun Bundle!

  15. Clouds and Sun looks great!

  16. I like both the Down to Earth bundle and the Bright and Cheerful one! I'm considering buying one of them. One question: do you ever take custom requests? I LOVE the coordinated clip charts, but the wording wouldn't work in my classroom (specifically "slow down" and "contact home.") I think I'd purchase one anyway, once I decide on a color scheme, but it would be awesome if I could get a clip chart to go with it, too!

  17. Clouds and Sun!
    I love the bag with hanging file folders. Is that a 31 bag?

  18. what program do you use to make all of this stuff??

  19. Wow...hard decision. I think I have to go with the Bright and Cheerful. I look around my room and that is what comes pops out at me, even though my theme is stars. =]

  20. GAH! I love it!! I'm a thirty-one consultant and a second grade teacher, so I'm really not sure how I didn't put two and two together before this....Thanks so much for another fabulous idea :) Especially the clouds and sun would work well with the Lotsa Dots pattern as well!

  21. I like the clouds and's very calm but still cute. I also like the bright and cheerful! Yikes...tough decision!

    Sweet Seconds

  22. Bright and cheery...with black paper on your bulletin boards!!

    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  23. OMG I love the idea of having a file cabinet in the organizing utility tote. I absolutely love mine but need a way to keep files from flopping over. This is perfect! Thank you!

  24. Hi evryone~ Just thought I would jump in here and let you know that Thirty One Gifts is FINALLY launching in Canads Sept.1st:) ( not live til Sept.1st). I will be one of the first to sign up under a founding leader in Ontario and build our own team in Ontario , Canada first. The other provinces will launch soon after with the west coast being next !
    I am so excited and happy to share with you all:) for addittional info please email me .
    Thank you very much !!

  25. Where did you get the file in your bag?

  26. I saw this post and found my friend who is selling 31. I bought the organizing tote and the file insert. I got the email that they are in! I will get them Sunday! Can't wait to post about it's uses!

  27. I just read your blog for the first time. I love it!!! I stumbled upon it because I am looking for new ideas in classroom decor for next year. Coincidently, I am also a thirty-one consultant! Why didn't I already think of this!?! However, the patterns that you have for classroom decor sets have retired :( I was wondering if you would be interested in creating these sets for some of the new patterns? I would love to buy the sets. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing. Thanks so much! I love your blog!


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