Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Classroom Walls Tip#2 {use black borders}

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This week we're focusing on your classroom walls. Today's tip is to use black borders to create a more uniform look.  I've seen classrooms that use just a simple, solid, black border which looks lovely.  I mixed it up a bit by using black borders with grey/white designs.  Below are a few pictures of my room from last summer using the black borders. 

{click here for the Original Post this picture was used in}
{click here for the original post this picture was used in}

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  1. The black looks really sharp! Over the years I have accumulated some pretty ugly boarders. I have turned them around and used the white back side for borders instead and the white looks great too!

    Sprinkle Teaching Magic

    1. Oooh...I would love to see pictures of the white borders on your boards. Great way to reuse them!

  2. I finally went to all black borders this year so much cleaner and crisper.

  3. sigh. Your room is so lovely! I'm close enough to come visit you, right??? I love the black borders, I used those before too and adore them. Maybe I'll switch back to them next year. Now you really have me thinking!!

    1. I would LOVE a visit. I'm still holding you to lunch this summer!

  4. Any chance, you can make the photos bigger. Even when I click on them they are still quite small. I really want to do the black, aqua and lime color theme in my classroom. Do you have it for purchase on TPT. I checked and found lots of themes but not this color theme.


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