Monday, April 16, 2012

Fairy Tale Themed Classrooms

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  1. I know you're on vacation, but I have a question. I love turtles, and have a rapidly growing collection in my classroom. I'd like to capitalize on it and do some turtle themed things in my third grade room. I've already got a yertle the turtle poster (my FAVE Dr. Seuss book) and a tortoise and hare rules/work habits poster (slow and steady get good grades), but I'd like some more ideas if you have any.

    I just started a blog of my own last week, and would love for you to stop by... Thanks!

  2. I lovvvve this fairy tale theme!! I just might have to do this next year, it's perfect for kindergarten!

    Kindergarten Kel

  3. Those ideas look so fun! It is so magical when a classroom is reinvented and comes a live with a theme. I think you should dooooooo it!

    Sprinkle Teaching Magic


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