Sunday, April 1, 2012

And it's gone!!!

As I watched my blue box disappear from my sight I could hear the TV announcer's post-Superbowl voice in my head...

"Jodi, you just poured your heart, soul, and brains into National Boards...what are you going to do next?"

I know the correct answer should have been an excited, "I'M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!"

But, I couldn't even answer that question.

I guess technically I am going to Disney World, but that's not for another 2 weeks.

I honestly didn't have a clue what I wanted to do first. It was as if a giant weight had been lifted, shackles had been removed, I had been let out of a cage, I climbed out of the rabbit hole.

I certainly don't want to scare anyone away from taking on the NB experience because it really was an amazing journey of self-discovery, aha moments, reflection and validation. However, my personality made this challenging. I am organized. I manage time well. Those things are definitely important in this process. But, I couldn't bring myself to wrap this puppy up and ship that box until the timer went off. It consumed me. The deeper I got into it, the more complicated it became. The biggest obstacle for me was letting go of each entry and putting the finished copies into an envelope because I kept thinking, "if I read it just one more time I might be able to add just another little piece of evidence" and with that a can of worms would open. It was an obsession.

The 2nd biggest problem was that they don't make it an easy process. The prompts are worded in a manner that have you scratching your head...and then pulling your hair out. I spent the better part of the past few months feeling like a teenage girl who overanalyzes every. single. word. the boy she's crushing on says to her.

"He said this...what do you think he meant?"
"But then he said what do you think?
"I know, but do you think he could have meant this...?"
"But then when he said the other thing I started thinking about the first thing he said so now I think he meant..."

My understanding is they are very carefully worded in cryptic ways to take you on the exact same ride on crazy train that I went on. I'm just hoping that when all was said and done I got off at the right station.

After the box and I parted ways, I loaded up the Family Fun Van (aka the Bad Karma Mobile because once upon a time I mocked people in minivans) and checked the family into a hotel. Don't be jealous. It's not a luxury vacation by any means. We simply drove an hour north to an area where the highlight is outlet shopping, but mama needed some new spring clothes and the kids are happy anywhere they can swim and jump on beds. It was nice to reconnect. We went out to dinner, used the pool, piled onto the bed and ate ice cream right out of a Ben and Jerry's carton, played checkers, and read books.

And now I am oh-so-excited to have time to do so many of the things I've missed and neglected.

I have about 35 DVRed episodes of Nate Berkus to catch up on, spring cleaning to do, and 2 months worth of new products to upload. The NB process really made me love teaching science so I'm about to go all Bill Nye on y'all.

And oh-the blog posts. I have missed blogging. And blog stalking.

Of course I do need to study for the NB test center. I don't even know what that involves at this point, but I don't intend to find out for a few weeks. I'll be on a mental vacation for the next two weeks and then an actual vacation (hello Florida!) the week after that.

So how have you guys been? What have I missed in the world of blogs that I must check out immediately?

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