Thursday, March 1, 2012

Storing Thematic / Seasonal Books

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I thought I would share a system I used for storing thematic materials.

Yesterday I mentioned that I used to have copy paper boxes filled with thematic units (bulletin board borders, teacher resource books, children's lit, etc).

Well, when I started to declutter and downsize, those were the first to get weeded out. I stopped changing borders and backgrounds with each month / holiday / unit and started using borders and solid background fabrics that worked for the entire year. That eliminated a bunch of "stuff." It also left me with just teaching resources, master copies, and books.

I really scaled back on the resources and have slowly, but surely gone almost entirely digital.

So that whittled it down to just the books.

I LOVE snagging up those boxes you find at Target and Walmart that display pocket folders and other school supplies. I put all of my thematic books into them and then turn them around so that it creates a uniform appearance. I added a label to each and it made it easy to organize and find books as needed.

The above picture was taken a couple of years ago. Since it is the "off season" they aren't quite as abundant. Ikea sells magazine boxes really cheap that work well. You'll just want to be sure you reinforce them with tape.

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  1. Hey Jodi, I love this idea. I am way, way behind in reading and I have designated coffee time tomorrow to catch up!! I hope you had a good break last week, did you guys have a snow day today or did that storm not really hit you?

  2. I love snagging those boxes too and use them for all kinds of things!

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  3. We have to be careful with taking those off their hands...they will be "onto us" and start charging us!! :)

    Going Nutty!

  4. The boxes you get from Walmart and Target are great, but in my city they are on to us. A cashier ACTUALLY told me that I could not take the box. At Staples I usually buy enough stuff to fill the box and they let me take them.
    I love your idea about keeping the bulletin board borders and paper the same all year. My classroom is color coded by subject area and the boards stay the same. It is SO much less clutter and less going out to buy borders for every little holiday.

  5. Hey great idea with the boxes!

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  8. Thanks for always giving me so much inspiration!!
    I gave you an award….check it out on my blog!!


    Up Owl Night

  9. Love your organization tips. Where do you find the black contact paper to cover the boxes?


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