Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Muchos Thanks!

This post is such a flyby that there isn't even a picture. Oh the horror.

I just had to stop by and say a great big THANK YOU for all of the email love I've received. I'll be sending out proper gratitude just as soon as I can, but couldn't let another moment pass without letting you all know how grateful I am for your support.

This is by far the craziest week I can ever remember.

State testing - check
Report cards - check
Scoring Writing Assessments - check
Scoring Math Assessments - check

Big Blue Box - a work in progress. I swear I can't bring myself to mail it until the very last minute because I feel the need to just keep revising things.

Doctor Appointment scheduled for tomorrow - canceled (because quite frankly I think my blood pressure would have registered at a point that would have required hospitalization at this point).

It seems like each time I am ready to scream an email pops up containing the sweetest, most encouraging words from CFC readers all over the world. Global baby! That's so crazy to me!

Thanks again! Y'all are the best. I'll talk to you Saturday. Around 1:01 just after the post office closes and right before I take off with my long lost family for an overnight getaway. Gosh I hope they remember me. :)

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