Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weather's Great! Wish You Were Here!

On Friday afternoon I cleaned up my classroom.

I cleared off my desk.

I shut off the lights.

And I closed the door.

If I had this sign handy I would have hung it on the knob.

And left it there for the ENTIRE week!

Because my friends, I am in fact, "going to the beach."

The Gulf Coast of Florida to be exact.

And you know how when the TV shows go on break, you are left with reruns?

Well it's kind of like that...with a twist.

You're going to come with me.


I'll be rerunning some of my past posts as they relate to my daily vacation itinerary. So it's kind of like I'm taking y'all with me.

To sweeten the deal, I'll be hosting sales related to the posts and products while I am away.

So stop by each day to see what I am up to down south, read a post you may or may not have read before, and snag the daily deal that goes with it.

Feel free to use this as an excuse to go get a pedicure. You deserve to be spoiled. Plus, open-toed shoes or bare feet are mandatory for this vacation and you want your tootsies looking fab!

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