Thursday, February 2, 2012

Storage Tip #4 STORAGE FOR $1.00

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If you are going to spend money, it should never be more than $1.00. My exception to this rule is plastic drawers. I love plastic drawers. In my opinion they are so worth the money.

The Dollar Tree (or other dollar stores) and Target’s Dollar spot offer oodles of great options. Craft stores like AC Moore and Michaels also offer interesting options and they usually have a 40-50% off coupon available online.

Here are my recommended storage options if you are going to spend some money:

  • plastic shoeboxes
  • dishpans
  • food storage containers
  • zipper bags
  • plastic baskets, bins, and buckets
  • photo boxes
  • over the door shoe sorter
  • pencil boxes
  • magazine sorters (cheap at IKEA...but you can also get them for free)

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  1. Target has some GREAT storage containers yearround (they tend to change, but I love them all!) I outfitted my entire library with them last year and they are still going strong....for $1 a piece!

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. I will be heading to the Dollar Tree for ziploc bags (seem like we use them ALL the time!) and a few other goodies for my classroom!

    1. You can always ask for them on your supply list. Boys can bring a certain size like gallon and girls quart size.

  3. Your Dollar Tree is so neat! The storage container section at my Dollar Tree is a mess! However, I don't seem to have a problem finding things I want to buy!


  4. My dollar tree was missing a bit in the storage department... I talked with the manager and mentioned that he would get a lot more teachers in if he stocked up that section and the teaching section. He did and now it is a lot better. You can also ask them what days the trucks come in and if you make friends they may hold something back for you. Doesn't hurt to ask!

    Or try and find another DT in the area. We have 6 (and I live in a tiny place). Mine down the road looks just like yours now :)

  5. Wonderful suggestions for outfitting your space on the cheap. Although you've said it before, I think it bears repeating: Don't buy anything, even if it's a bargain, until you know how you're going to use it. It's not such a great deal if it's the wrong size or shape and doesn't get used at all.

  6. new follower- I need all the help I can get with organization! I have a classroom in my home for my two cyerschool kiddos! and my little man- age 2. I look forward to exploring your blog or new ideas!

    Jen from
    Creative and Curious Kids!

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  8. I have enjoyed reading your blog this summer! I have to ask...where can you get magazine file boxes for free? I usually make them out of cereal boxes, but I would really like stronger boxes.
    D. Wiggins


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