Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Organizing Your Teacher Bag

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Now that you've cleaned out your teacher bag, let's look at some ways to keep it organized.
Love! Love! Love expanding files.

Super love that you can get them in fun colors at the Target Dollar Spot.

They are fabulous for housing papers that need correcting.

I also have one in my bag that I use for plans and papers that need copying. That way I can easily stop by the copy room on my way in or out of the building.
This is marketed as a portable art center for kids, but how great would it be for organizing your teacher bag. It would make correcting so much more fun!

I love ziploc bags. I use them for everything. They are handy to have in your bag to house like items so that you can pull them out and find what you need easily. If your bag is a portable office (i.e. you access it while waiting for your daughter to get out of dance class or while you are in the waiting room at the dentist) you may want to use a ziploc to house things like tape, stickers, small stapler, etc.

If you've bought an expensive bag then you may want to keep your pens and markers in a ziploc bag so that they don't accidentally explode and ruin your lovely bag.

If you are like me, you travel to and from school with a bunch of techy gizmos. I typically bring my laptop, camera, ipod, flash drive, and sometimes charging cables. This handy gadget helps keep all of your electronics organized.

Question of the Day: Do you have any tips for organizing a teacher bag?

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  1. Great ideas! Quite logical. Of course, I never thought of them. Love the idea of the expandable for things to copy. Need to keep it by the computer printer for all the great ideas that keep coming from the blogs! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! :)

  3. I need to stop by Target to get some of those expanding files from the dollar section. Can't beat that deal.

  4. I find expanding files to me a MUST!


  5. Less about organising the bag more about the bag itself! THE perfect bag for me is a baby changing bag. Plenty of space. Plenty of pockets (many are mesh so don't hold rubbish in the bottom n that guilt when u look at a messy pocket from outside) the bags I've seen also tend to be wipe clean and have one or 2 thermal pockets to keep your drink cold.

    I got my from a friend free. She got it with the birth of her son through a big nappy company. She was going to throw it away. I personalised it and absolutely love it. (there's a post about my decoration on my blog)
    Thanks for a great blog!!!

  6. What type of bags to teacher's normally buy? I am a senior education student, student teaching in the fall, and looking for a good bag. I was looking into Vera Bradley.

    1. Ive seen a lot of people with different 31 bags. I'm interning soon and will be getting a one before then.

  7. What fabulous ideas! Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas.
     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  8. Wow, I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Megan,

    I have a Vera Bradley bag that I use every day when going to school. However, I've found that using a rolling tote is much easier to organize supplies. I use my rolling tote for manuals, lesson plan binder, etc. Plus, no shoulder problems from lugging manuals in your bag! :)

  10. Not bag- related...but you are a total inspiration....come check out what you have inspired me to do:)

  11. I use a make-up bag to carry all my markers and stuff. Each pocket is great to tuck away glue sticks, post-its, and even stickers.

  12. I like 31's large zipPer pouch! That's what I keep my pens & pencils in. The small one has my chargers and zip drives. I have used An organizing tote from31 as a teacher bag. Right now I am using Vera tote fromVera Bradley. I love tote bags so I tend to rotate them & that helps keep them clean & organized:)


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