Monday, February 13, 2012

Awesome Deal for Clutter-Free Classroom Readers

As you know, this week's blog focus is on the teacher bag.

So I wanted to share mine with you.

Because I love it.

Make that LOVE it.

And I have an awesome deal to share with my blog readers (aka YOU), but first I will babble on about the love affair I am having with my school bag. Feel free to read along or scroll down to see what is in it for you.

I've had many, many bags in my career and this one trumps them all.

I had my eyes set on a fancy-pants Coach bag that I had been coveting for quite some time and had every intention of spoiling myself by purchasing as a back to school gift to me /from me last summer. However, I found myself at a Thirty-One Gifts party in August and impulsively bought a bag there.

I'll be honest.

Long-time readers know that I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to my classroom decor.

And, well...I may have fallen victim to the fact that the sample bag at the party was a black damask bag and matched my room oh-so-well.

As it turns out, the bag wasn't available in that print (Parisian Pop), but I tend to get caught up in the moment and ended up buying the same bag in a black pattern.

OH MY GOSH. I am so glad I did because the bag seriously rocks.

  • The size is great. It's big enough to hold enough, but not so big that I end up schlepping around a bunch of randomness that has fallen to the bottom and been forgotten.
  • There are pockets on the side that are perfect for a water bottle.
  • Inside you'll find 3 small pockets and a zippered pouch.
  • There's also a hook and clasp inside for keys or whatnot.
  • The top zips closed, but I always leave it open.
My favorite thing about the bag is the straps. They are so soft and the length is perfect. I can carry the bag Mary Poppins style because they aren't super long, yet I can also carry it comfortably over my shoulder because they aren't super short. I typically opt for the latter and even when it is chock full and heavy the soft leather keeps it from feeling that way.

It is seriously so comfortable to carry.

If you are like me, you throw your bag on your shoulder to come or go and end up stopping to talk to people en route. In the past my body would ache from standing with my bag on my shoulder while I chatted away. Not the case with this bag. So darn comfy.

I also bought a lunch bag which I am equally in love with.

And not just because it matches my classroom.

Which it totally does.

Even my 3rd grade boys noticed that detail and pointed it out with excitement.

Since I knew I was going to blog about my bags with giddiness, I touched base with my friend Gabrielle who just so happened to be the consultant at the party that united me with my all time favorite teaching bag. I let her know I would be blogging about it and asked if it would be OK to share her contact info incase any of you wanted to order a bag (or any of the other awesome products that Thirtyone has available) because you need to get them through a consultant.

She was not only OK with that, but generously offered to give a 15% discount to anyone who mentions The Clutter-Free Classroom when they contact her.

Friends, that means that a bag that was already the most awesome bag ever just got 15% more awesome!

Check out her site, look at the catalog and send her an email or give her a call (all the contact info is on her page). She's incredibly sweet and just so happens to also be a Kindergarten teacher.

PS: My bag is the Cindy Tote which is on page 24-25 of the catalog (and incidentally now available in Parisian Pop in case you want to match my classroom.)

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