Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Do You Want to Get Organized?

Oh my gosh y'all! I'm thrilled by your positive response and excitement about our new project. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. If I wasn't giddy enough already about taking this on, you've all really gotten me jumping up and down.

Tomorrow I head back to school after a lovely, leisurely vacation. In our house, hubby does the laundry. Despite loving my job, I always do the usual whining of "woe is me...I need to work tomorrow" that we teachers do after each break and long weekend. I know you can all relate, but those 9-5ers with 3 weeks vacation a year certainly don't have sympathy.

He never even entertains my complaining so I didn't think tonight would be different. However, I foolishly started with the deep sighs about having to pack lunches as he was folding the laundry. He was quick to point out that the laundry baskets he had just washed were filled with his usual khakis and button downs, but nothing but fleecy pajamas with a variety of Santa and snowflake prints from the rest of the family. I suppose I can't complain. An entire week of coffee-sipping in jammy-jams is definitely one of our job perks.

Anyhow...enough about me airing my dirty laundry {get it?}...on to the Clutter-Free Classroom Project.

I'm a huge advocate for being well-planned and prepared. Taking on the task of decluttering and organizing is no different. It's all about baby steps and little goals. By planning and visualizing you'll be setting a purpose for your task.

On the image above, I've listed some of the common benefits to being organized. I left three blank for you to think about your own personal reasons.

Take a moment to think about the benefits of organizing and creating spaces for each and every item that survives the upcoming purge. You can take this on while driving, showering or drifting off to sleep.

Or if you are like me you might prefer to type a color-coded list outlining your goals in alphabetical order.


They can be serious (I am worried about being rehired because I am so disorganized at work).

They can be silly (I waste so much time looking for my keys hidden under the piles on my desk that I keep missing Ellen).

You can keep them in your head.

You can jot them on a post-it.

Or you can share them with the world by listing your top 3 reasons for wanting to be more organized on your blog or in the comment section of this post.

Happy thinking friends!

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