Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teacher Feature: You MUST Check HIM out.

Call me Mrs. Frizzle and hop aboard my virtual Magic School Bus because we're heading to New Zealand.

Because that's where my cyber-buddy Liam resides and teaches.

Well, that and because it's summer over there right now and I am simply dying to kick my awful closed-toe winter shoes aside and experience the joys of flip flops once again.

I first became intrigued by Liam last summer (my summer, not his) when he began commenting on my blog. A male elementary teacher is always a rare and interesting creature to observe, but when you factor in the whole New Zealand thing the curiosity level increases all more.

Not only does he have great ideas to share, but he also writes with a wonderful sense of humor and style. Trust me. You'll enjoy him quite a bit.

Liam has embraced the CLUTTER-FREE CLASSROOM PROJECT and is tackling his entire room.

Oh, and speaking of his classroom....SWOON!!!!

Seriously, look at this classroom!

The dark walls!!!
The white trim !!!
The natural light!!!
The tables!!!
ALL that shelving!

Oh how the potential of that classroom excites me. I'm at the edge of my seat waiting to see how it unfolds.

And you should be too. Head on over to
Twist of Liam and follow his blog to see how it all unfolds.

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