Monday, January 16, 2012

Make a Plan to Declutter Tip #4 {To-Do List}

If you are just joining us, you'll want to start here or check out my Clutter-Free Guide to Organizing and Managing Your Classroom.

TIP # 4: Make a list of all of the areas in your classroom that will need your attention.
Be specific and break each area down into smaller areas. Don’t just write “closet,” but instead break it down to specific shelves. You will use this as a checklist as you begin to declutter.

It will keep thing manageable. It will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

I had recommended starting in one corner and working your way around the room to avoid missing any spots. I suggest the same for making your to-do list.

Speaking of to-do lists, I made you a freebie. You'll find it on My Products page.
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  2. I've read your clutter free idea for this week including the idea of I will clean out this folder by the time the next song is over on the radio. Here is my question...I really want to clean and purge my file cabinet. I previously taught 1st grade and now I teach 4th. I have a ton of interesting classroom themes and lessons from 1st grade. I haven't taught 1st grade in 7 years. I know I should get rid of it, but should I use our scanning copier at work to scan and keep a digital format before I recycle them all?

    What is your thoughts? I know if I follow the purge your closet idea..If you haven't worn it in 6 months to a year, get rid of it. Ideas, suggestions, advice?

    1. Honestly, I would most like recycle it all. While 7 years doesn't seem like a long time, the look and feel of teaching resources has changed dramatically since then. Also with the implementation of the Common Core and the drive for everything to be standards-based, I think if/when you return to 1st you wouldn't use the majority of the stuff you are saving anyhow. It's so easy to find amazing, creative resources online. The actual act of tossing those materials will be a challenge, but I doubt you'll think twice about it the next day or at anytime after that. Let me know how it turns out for you. -Jodi


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