Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kicking Off Multiplication

One of my favorite parts of being a third grade teacher is teaching multiplication.

Mainly because their excitement level is through the roof.

This week as part of my MATH Workshop (see here to read more about how I teach math), the students worked on THINGS THAT COME IN GROUPS.

I created this resource to enhance our math curriculum.

Students brainstorm things that come in groups of different numbers:


2 - mittens, shoes, earrings, nostrils
3 - sides on a triangle, wheels on a tricycle
4- bases on a baseball field, vertices on a quadtrilateral

Then they use these lists to write and solve word problems.

Which I make into a bulletin board display and ultimately into a class book.

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  1. Multiplication is awesome! We do the groups too! It is great to see what they come up with. This year my students made the jump to digits in a number. i.e. 3s- digits in a hundred, 4s-digits in a thousand.


  2. Our math curriculum does a lesson on groups of things, too. You don't happen to use Bridges in Mathematics, do you?
    Thanks for sharing! I just put your packet on my wish list! :)
    Teaching With Style!

  3. Multiplication is one of my favorite math topics to teach! At my old school, we used Investigations - it sounds like you might too. We culminated our mini-unit on "things that come in groups" by creating a class book of multiplication and division problems. Each student wrote and illustrated a word problem involving equal groups, and solved it on the back of the page. I have the past 3 years' worth in my classroom library for my current students to enjoy.

    hope it goes well!


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