Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh so True

I have an AOL account.

It dates back to the "check out this new internet thing that just came out" and "have you heard about electronic mail" days.

Gosh that makes me feel old.

I don't access the account often, but every once in awhile I check it.

The problem is that I always ALWAYS get sucked into whatever headline is on the main page.

Usually because it is celebrity gossip of sorts and I simply can not turn my back on a good celebrity gossip piece.

Today, however, I was lured by a link reading, Children's Books Parents Either Love or Hate.

And I found myself nodding my head and wanting to high five the author for publishing what I've been thinking for years.

My opinions have been silenced because, as a teacher, it just feels wrong to knock Shel Silverstein, Robert Munch of Dr. Suess. But, today I feel empowered to get this off my chest.

The article included my top three book fiascos.

Taking the Number 3 Spot: The Cat in the Hat

I enjoy "some" Dr. Suess. Some of my favorite quotes from my Theodore Geisel. I like the whimsy. I love me some Grinch every December. I think it makes a great classroom theme.

On the other hand, I find many of the books to be annoying. Granted, I am not a famous children's author so I shouldn't criticize, but I find it hard to applaud his work as "creative genius" when he is rhyming nonsense words. I too can write poems if I am allowed to simply make up words to rhyme with each other. Watch:

A giant mamloosa was riding a llamaloosa through the land of Oopaloosa.

See that was easy.

In the Number 2 Spot we have: The Giving Tree

Face it. The book should be titled, "The Selfish Kid and the Tree that Couldn't Stand Up For Itself." Enough said.

And in the Number 1 Spot: Love You Forever

This won by a landslide in my mind. I can see how some might find the first few pages to be endearing, but halfway through the book it screams out, "Help me Dr. Phil!" There could easily be a few extra pages added to include the men in white jackets restraining the woman who had crawled through the window and was found sleeping on her adult son's bedroom floor and taking her off to the home. It creeps me out.

So...what children's classics do you take issue with?

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