Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trick or Treat and Jingle Bells

Today marked our second fall outing of the season. We did the apple picking journey a few weeks ago and today we loaded up the littles for some pumpkin patch fun. Both times the places were MOBBED! I'm talking crazy crowds. We New Englanders love us some fall photo ops.

Speaking of fall and pumpkins and all things October...

Have you read this book?

It is an absolute riot! I love using it as a mentor text for teaching voice.

You'll especially love it if you grew up in the 70s or early 80s.

It's by Jerry Seinfeld and it oozes his personality. So much so that one of my students last year actually stopped me to say, "I have a connection. The character reminds me of the bee from the Bee Movie" (which in case you didn't know is also Jerry Seinfeld).

We wrapped up our Spider Mini-Study last week. It was perfectly tied into the curriculum and also felt oh-so-Halloweeny. As I mentioned yesterday, they're writing was UNREAL!!! I want to keep that ball rolling so this week I am going to repeat the same activities (Schema Chart, Tree Map, informative writing). However, I don't want to veer from the curriculum so I am going to work with this week's Main Selection in Treasures.

Wait for it...

Penguin Chick

I'm such a seasonally thematic girl and studying penguins in the month of October has me all kinds of twitchy. But, I'm going to roll with it.

I spent a good chunk of the weekend researching those cute little fellows with their happy feet. And all that snow and ice has me thinking about and getting giddy for Christmas.

So as I type this I am sipping hot apple cider from my most-favorite-pink-flamingo-wearing-a-Santa-hat- standing-on-one-foot-under-a-palm-tree-with-Christmas-lights-mug. Which allows me to conveniently sign this off with a Seinfeld quote, "My worlds are colliding!"

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