Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Online Timer - classroom management series

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Tick Tock.

Tick Tock.

I had a college professor that was notorious for ending every class by saying, "a teacher's greatest obstacle is the clock." I thought he was a bit nuts. Turns out the man knew what he was talking about.

This week I'm going to share my tips for staying on a schedule.

Using a timer in the classroom is somewhat standard. I used it for years. It kept me on schedule, but I can't say that it helped my students. They would plug along at their assignments and suddenly a beeping noise would signal them to stop.

These days I use an online timer and really feel it helps my friends better manage their time. I feared the visual would be distracting, but it hasn't been a problem. The counting down clock is a great tool for keeping them on task.

We use it for everything from snack to guided reading. I keep it running on my desktop computer since I'm never at the desk. Setting the clock at the start of a lesson is one of the jobs I assign to a student.

Here's the link to the clock I use: Online Egg Timer (I like it in the full screen mode)

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  1. My professors use this in my university classes! It is such a useful tool and I think it would be great in an elementary class!

  2. This is a great way to keep everyone moving all day, and not losing that wasted time at times.

  3. I use this same timer for mad minutes, writing on demand, and daily review. The kids LOVE it. They were only distracted at first (watching the timer count down), but they quickly learned the more they watched, the less time they had to get the work done.

    Runde's Room

  4. Thank you! I was going to use my cell phone alarm clock for conferences, but this is far superior!


  5. I'm glad others are finding it useful too. I love the visual.

  6. Time is always a teachers greatest obstacle! I also love using a timer! I especially helps your students that can't focus for extended periods of time, since it breaks up their day.


  7. May I also recommend http://ipadstopwatch.com it has a very large display, it's very easy to use, and even works on the iPad.

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