Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three for Thursday

I'm joining the Blog Hoppin' linky to share three of my favorites with you:
My Favorite Font:
Gosh, I have a bunch. But, since I mainly stick to two on here, I
figured I would share those:

Picking a favorite blog is much harder. While I super heart so many, there are two that stand out.
As a blogger, I've been so greatly influenced by Kristen at Ladybug Teacher Files. She has shared some ideas and tutorials for bloggers that have been incredibly helpful. Stuff I didn't even realize I needed to know. She also has great teacher tips for the classroom.

I also need to mention Beth Newingham. Actually it is her site that wows me, but she also blogged for Scholastic. I found Beth when I began teaching 3rd grade. I had been home on maternity leave for over a year and tackling 3rd grade and being a working mom for the first time. Her site and resources were invaluable.
Online Resource:
Hands down:

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