Friday, August 12, 2011

TEACHING PROCEDURES & ROUTINES -Classroom Management Series

With the Decluttering Your Classroom Series, the Classroom Themes Series, and the Setting Up Your Classroom Series wrapping up, I am excited to launch my next series: the CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT SERIES.

It's something that is very near and dear to my heart as I truly believe that students learn best in a safe, structured environment.

Well, that and the fact that I take labels such as OCD, micromanaging, Type-A and Control Freak to be compliments. :)

Research has shown that the majority of behavioral issues result from a lack of classroom management. The key to a well-managed classroom is establishing consistent routines and procedures. You'll find that effective classroom teachers spend a great deal of time during the first few weeks of school focusing on presenting, modeling, referencing, and practicing procedures. They work hard to structure the days that follow around these routines. Taking the time to create a self-running learning environment will provide for more instructional time and is well worth the initial investment.

I created a guide designed to help you plan out how your classroom will run and to assist you with implementing and maintaining the routines and procedures you decide to establish. Unless you’ve been in the same grade level and classroom for a good length of time, it’ll be a bit of a work in progress. However, it is important to think through each procedure ahead of time in order to decide how your room will best run. This guide was designed to help you do just that.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting in great detail daily about the routines and procedures that I use in my classroom. Each is featured in my Procedures and Routines Workbook so that you can plan and customize them to meet the needs of your specific classroom.

I'll be kicking this bad boy off on Monday. The series will run simultaneously with my "Peek in My Classroom" posts that I'm about to bombard you with. I've been seriously getting my craft on in the wee hours (as in, "Hey look it's 6:25 am and I'm at school making a banner out of scrapbook paper"). I'm so excited to show it off. It's that time of year. The time where my head spins with to do lists and frantic attempts to cram in as much summer fun before it all comes to a screeching halt. So in between running barefoot on the shore, grilling anything within reach and perfecting s'mores I'll be planning lessons, getting my house organized, stocking my freezer with school night dinners, posting a bunch of random things I've been meaning to post for weeks and sharing some freebies. Oh, and speaking of freebies, I'm super excited to be guest blogging at Ladybug Teacher Resources on Sunday.

To maintain some order, the Classroom Management Series will post each night at 7:00 PM for consistency.

You know, because this post was all about the importance of consistency and then I went and got all random on y'all. It's the late afternoon brownie chased with a large iced coffee talking.

Oh, and about that new product I mentioned.

AKA The Procedures and Routines Workbook.

You can hop over to my TPT store to snag a copy right now OR if you follow my motto of 'If It's Free. It's For Me" then you can get yourself a FREE copy off it. I'll email a copy to the first five people who blog about the new series, link back to this post/blog and leave me a comment with the link to your post.

Be sure to follow my blog and store  and Facebook Page for notification of the FreebiesClick here to access a collection of Teacher Tips or tour my Classroom Makeover here.


  1. ahhh!! This looks amazing!! I think I may finally be first but i dont have a blog!! Any thing else I can do? :)

  2. Did I finally catch something in time to participate?!? Yahooo!

    Here's my blog post:

  3. Hi Jodi,

    Had a moment to check in on the blogs. Here's my post link:

    Looks like a great series! Can't wait for 7:00 each night :-)


  4. I blogged about it! So excited to read your new series!

  5. This is a great idea since there are a ton of people (even those teaching a long time) who struggle to manage a classroom. Too bad I'll miss your series as I'll be out of town....thank goodness for archives ;)

  6. I blogged about it!

    Would love to get the workbook! :)

  7. Just blogged about this - I am always looking for ways to improve on my classroom management. Can't wait to read the series!

  8. To late for a free copy but excited for the series.

  9. I was reading this email and couldn't get to the blog in time. I'm devastated! I really want to get my classroom management under full control this year being it my 3rd year teaching. I have been inspired by your blogs. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  10. UUUGGGGHHHHH....I'm on here all the time and some how STILL missed the freebie!!!! Bummer!

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful thoughts with us!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  11. Hello! I cant wait to hear some of your management ideas/tips! I love to get ideas from other teachers!

  12. Can't wait for this series to start! I've been thinking a lot about procedures and routines. I feel like I've done a good job in the past but I would love to do a great job and be an even better teacher! Thank you for your meaningful posts!
    Rambling About Reading

  13. I don't have a blog (yet!) but I love your blog!! Really looking forward to this series because I am so NOT an A type personality. I can use all the help I can get!

  14. I'm excited to check this out!

  15. I got so excited when I read this blog post! I'm a second year teacher who experienced a wild and rough first year due to lack of procedure teaching. I love to see what veteren teachers do! Thank you so much!

  16. Very excited about this!! I LOVE your site. I am a first year teacher and I am "borrowing" alot of your ideas!! Thank you so much!

  17. I think I am too late for this but, I still want to post it on my website.

  18. Michel

    Awesome ideas new teacher and blogger

  19. Amazing blog! There are so many fantastic ideas and I can't wait to use them.


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