Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seeing Red...or not :)

Giddy does not begin to describe the joy I am feeling over something so silly.

I like things to match.

And when it comes to my classroom, I'm not a fan of the color red.

I acquired the shelf in the picture below from a coworker who had inherited it with her room.

I literally painted it black within 8 minutes of it being in my room.


do you see those chairs?

They make me crazy.

I'm OCD like that.

Well, last week I brought in fabric book covers because I read online that you could use them as chair pockets.

You can't.

They are way too stretchy. But, since I had already bought them all and I am TERRIBLE about doing returns, I played with them a bit. In doing so I found that if I double wrapped the chairback then it transformed the clashing red into a color that matched my room. I decided to do that because I could then refer to the kids by color groups.

That left only the red seats to stare me down and irk me.

And irk me they did.

So you can imagine my joy when me and my Ikea cart stumbled upon this bin of chair cushions.
They were in the "as is" bin because they were made too small for chairs...which makes them oh-so-perfect for my little classroom chairs.

And they just so happen to be the same colors as my room.

And they were only .50 cents each. I'm also excited that my friends will be more comfy this year.

The only problem is that IKEA doesn't give you bags and they took up lots of room.
We made it work. I can't wait to go in tomorrow and attach them to my chairs.


  1. Love the picture...what a cozy ride home they had!! Congrats on your find! :o)
    Angela Just Love Teaching!

  2. The picture of your van is hysterical!
    I don't like the color red in my classroom either. Can't wait to see the pictures after you attach them to your chairs!

  3. I am dying of laughter. This sounds like something I would do and I could picture my kids in our car being surrounding by them. I can't wait to see your pics on this!!

  4. Its a good thing that you don't work for my district. Are colors are red, white and black. Everything is "Go Big Red". The admin constantly gives us Big Red soda and Hot Tomales. That being said...I do love IKEA and those cushions.


  5. haha!! i'm laughing out this...this is too funny!

    The Techy Teacher

  6. I just laughed out loud at this! I had to read it to my husband because it is something I would do! {I also hate red because it was my cousins favorite color}

  7. Too funny!! Love it!!
    Robin (Bigbird)

  8. Can you explain how you used the book covers on the chairs? I can't picture it for some reason. I love the color red - but not in my room. I also have some offending chairs that I would love to take care of. This might be my answer!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  9. I can't wait to see the new pictures and that mini-van full of kids and pillow is priceless. What other profession does this? LOL!

    The Write Handed Teacher

  10. That is precious. Look at how BIG your twins are! They were just babies a minute ago. :o

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  11. You are my idol! I can't WAIT to see those cushions in your room and totally get the red thing. I would do anything for an IKEA nearby. I'm dying to see your room!! And that picture is priceless!!!

  12. So funny! I'm not a fan of red in the classroom either! Love those cushions.. great idea and I would totally do the same thing.


  13. I really wish we had an Ikea! I am always seeing such great ideas! Love the cushions!


    Camp Kindergarten

  14. totally awesome!!! Your van picture is priceless. That just sums up teacher in one picture.

  15. I totally understand your ocd about things matching and the color red. I went to a workshop one year and they told us about what each color represents and red was intense and creates excitement so ever since then I have nothing red in my room (I want those kiddos as calm as possible)!
    What I Learned in Kindergarten

  16. Jodi, your picture is priceless! I totally laughed out loud when I saw it...this is something only a teacher would do! Your children are precious by the way.

  17. I can't wait to see the finished product!

    Frolicking Through First

  18. OMG!! I can totally see myself in this post. How funny! Can't wait to see the final product!

    Hopelessly Devoted

  19. That picture of your van is hilarious! I can't wait to see the cushions on the chairs :)

  20. Omg, I also hate the color red in my classroom! We have this 3 drawer cart for Science equipment and one of the drawers is red. I almost gave it away but can't spend money for another set of drawers. Love the color of the cushions.

  21. Perhaps I'm the only one who likes red. I have two red tables and chairs and two blue tables and chairs. So...I have to run with it! It works with my western theme. I can't wait to see the chairs.


  22. TOO FUNNY! I laughed out loud about your kids and cushions shot!! Been there, done that too! :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  23. I LOVE those cushions!!! The colors are perfect!!! Wish they still had them!

    Lessons with Laughter


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