Friday, August 19, 2011

Paper Banner - my classroom makeover

I have a whiteboard in my classroom. There is a strip of cork that runs along the top of it. In the past I have tried putting border around it. There is no real reason to do so other than to give it a finished look.

I like things to look finished.

After some trial and error with double-sided tape, sticky-tac, and hot glue, I finally settled on magnets. It worked.

Sort of.

The borders shifted around and when students would clean the board for me, the border would get wet. I waved the proverbial white flag and gave up.

But, I was making a banner for the twins' room and realized that might be an option for the whiteboard.

And ooh-la-la I love the result.

I never wrote on the top 1/4 of the board.

And I never used the cork strip. Whenever I hang anything on the board I use magnets.

So I covered the strip with coordinating paper. Then armed with some twine, a hole punch, and a cutting board, I created a banner to hang at the top.

I cut rectangles from scraps of paper in a size that worked for my space.

Next I found the center at the bottom of the paper and cut a diagonal line from that point to the upper corner.

Using the hole punch, I made 4 holes (2 close together).

I threaded the twine through each and hung it on the corkboard.

Total time: About 30 minutes.

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